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The Digital Insurance Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing and Email List is a direct response subscriber list comprising corporate management, business management, middle management, financial management, executive management and general management titles within the global insurance industry including property/casualty insurance carriers, life/health insurance carriers, multi-line insurance carriers, property/casualty insurance brokers, life/health insurance brokers, reinsurers and information service providers.

Digital Insurance is a trusted source for information on how technology is being implemented to support insurers’ strategic business objectives, providing insightful analysis of and case studies on how technology is being innovatively utilized to automate critical processes. Every issue of Digital Insurance is written to help senior insurance executives bypass the hype and get to the heart of resolving industry challenges. Its readers rely on carefully researched content that is both engaging and analytical.

Arizent is a leading provider of timely and essential news, analysis, research, data and insights for members of the financial services community, and related fieldArizents in professional services and technology. Arizent offers its clients and subscribers publications and online information services, industry-standard data applications and in-depth seminars and conferences.

The business decision-makers on the Digital Insurance Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing and Email List are responsive to offers pertaining to technology, financial services, seminars, webinars, educational materials, computer hardware/software, office products and supplies, subscriptions, high-ticket items, managerial products, mobile plans and apps, travel and all industry related offers.

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